AGM Minutes & Presentation

AGM Attendance 2020

AGM Minutes 2020

AGM Presentation – Eelected president

President’s & Treasure’s Report 2020

ANMC-Audited Financial Report.1

President’s Message

ANMC AGM Presentation 8 November 2020

Announcement of Election Result

ANMC Election Commission is pleased to announce that following candidates of Committee of Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre are elected unopposed. The Election Commission congratulates all the winning candidates and wishes all the best in their tenure. Election Commission would also like to mention the spirit of all the contending candidates and would like to appeal them to keep doing good work for the community.

Election Appendix 11 Final list of Candidate after withdrawal

Election Appendix 13 Announcement of the election result


Notice of Second List of Candidate & Application Form to withdraw candidacy

Election Appendix 10 Second list of Candidate after submission

First List of Candidates Notice

First List of Candidates

Election Appendix 9 Notice for First list of Candidate

Election Appendix 6 Submission regarding candidacy

Invitation for Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre (ANMC) Annual General Meeting 2020

ANMC_AGM 2020 Notice

Notice of Voters List

Dear members,

The final list of voters has been approved by ANMC ExCom meeting and published for your information.

We expect your cooperation as usual.

[Please note, we do not have contact mobile or email for all the members. So, we have divided the members into two separate lists. The members in List 1 will receive the voting link via either mobile or email (to be confirmed by the election commission in a later date) but the members in List 2 will not be able to receive the voting link because the contact mobile and email are both missing in ANMC members database.]

Final Voters List – List 1

Final Voters List – List 2

Election-Related Documents


Election Appendix 4 Election Calendar Release

Election Appendix 5 Application Form for Candidacy

Election Appendix 6 Submission regarding candidacy

Election Appendix 7 Application to Withdraw Candidacy

Election Appendix 8 Final list of Voters and call for Candidancy


Notice of Annual General Meeting & Election 2020

Notice of Annual General Meeting & Election 2020