Establishing and building our own Nepalese community centre has been a long time aspiration of entire Nepalese Community in Victoria. The dream of Nepalese community centre was conceived after the inception of Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) in 1997 under the presidency of Dr Raju Adhikari.  To turn this aspiration into reality, we are delighted to announce the establishment of  Australian Nepalese Multicultural Centre (ANMC) under the leadership of respected community leader and past NAV president Ranjan Vaidya.

ANMC is a joint initiative of NAV, NRNA Australia (VIC) supported by all Nepalese community organisation and passionate individuals. The sole objective of ANMC is to undertake the responsibility of establishing and operation our own community centre. It will also initiate and enact all necessary formalities to establish the Centre. It is very important to clarify that ANMC is not just another parallel community organisation but a mutual collaboration of the whole community with distinct objective.

Currently, there is no community venue for Nepalese community in Victoria, hence the community organisations are struggling to serve the community effectively and efficiently.

ANMC  in Victoria will provide a venue ;
– to service delivery groups to support new migrants (Nepalese community is emerging community) to settle in Australia.
– to practice spiritual / religious functions
– to share the culture with all community groups
– for meetings
– for senior citizens to meet regularly

This venue will also be available for other community groups (by booking) for their community activities.

Headed by Rajesh Acharya, the current committee of ANMC includes the following members:

President:    Rajesh Acharya
Vice-president:     Mahendra Karki
Vice-president:    Niru Tripathi
Secretary:     Narayan Kafle
Joint-Secretary:  Ganesh Adhikari
Treasurer:    Arjun Dhakal
Joint-Treasurer:    Badri Panta

Executive Members:
Dr. Tilak Pokharel
Som Prasad Gurung
Dikpal Dev Pangeni
Ananta Poudel
Kalpana Gyawali (W)
Darshana Pradhan (W)
Ram Gurung
Prem Prasad Kandel

Past Executive Committee

President:     Dr Chandra Deepak Pokharel
Vice-president:     Mahendra Karki
Vice-president:     Lal Prasad Kandel
Secretary:     Narayan Kafle
Joint-Secretary:    Manoj Ghimire
Treasurer:     Gopal Pokharel
Joint-Treasurer:     Hume Kunwar

Executive Members:
Rajesh Acharya
Binit Sharma
Gandhi Prasad Bhattarai
Raju Shakya
Raj Sharma
Sunil Bhandari
Tara Gaire
Prem Kandel
Tanka Kandel